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Welcome to Rare Candy, Jess' personal pokemon collective consisting of shrines and fanlistings. The name originated from the Rare Candy item in the Pokemon game series. It's a mysterious candy that is packed with energy. It raises the level of a single Pokemon by one. Originally, the idea for the name came from my main collective Popcandy. Since I wanted to stay in the "Candy" theme, I decided to name my collective Rare Candy to match my main collective.

My journey in the Pokemon world started at the age of 7 when Pokemon first debued on Cartoon Network, later my obcession continued with the release of the Pokemon games Red & Blue. Within a year, with 2 gameboys and a link cable and a lot of time spent replaying each game, I had sucessfully completed the Pokedex in my Pokemon Red game.

To this day, my little obcession still exists with Pokemon. I am currently still playing the Pokemon games Sun & Moon, and Pokemon Go. I sadly, have not completed the game at this time, but I am planning on replaying each game and solidifying my teams.

The current layout features an image from the artwork of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for contest artwork. You can find the image at Creative Uncut along with many other pokemon images used throught the collective.

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